Whatsapp Se Khud Ko Unblock Kaise Kare (Working 2023)

Whatsapp Se Khud Ko Unblock Kaise Kare (Working 2023)  Whatsapp पर दोस्त ने Block कर दिया है तो खुद को Unblock कैसे करे

If someone has blocked you from whatsapp, then how to unblock yourself in whatsapp, today we are going to tell you about this topic. WhatsApp is the world’s second largest social network site after Facebook, which you can now run in your laptop apart from your mobile, although this facility was not there before but recently a WhatsApp site has been made for laptop users as well but in mobile the laptop is available. WhatsApp is run more than that.

Many times our friends block us on whatsapp due to some reason, after which we get very upset because we are not able to get any update of the friend. But you can unblock yourself on your friend’s whatsapp without informing your friend, its way is very easy, you can do this work in a few minutes, that too without any help, so let’s know.


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How to know if friend has blocked you on whatsapp

When you send a message to your friend, then only one tick mark comes at the end of the message, it means your friend is not reading your message, apart from this, if you do not see your friend’s profile picture, status, last seen and his message, then It means your friend has blocked you.

how to unblock yourself in friend’s whatsapp

First of all, you have to go to the settings of your WhatsApp, click on the account here. After that click on delete my account.
After this you will be asked your WhatsApp number, then you have to delete your WhatsApp account by entering the number. After deleting the account, WhatsApp also has to be uninstalled from your mobile.


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